Support Early Childcare Providers! Sign the Petition to Ensure California’s New Governor Respects Family Child Care

This year California elects a new governor and we need someone in office that stands by our hardworking family child care providers. As we speak, childcare workers do not have the right to collectively bargain. The same hardworking providers that care for our children every day, provide parents with a rich learning environment for their little ones, and play a critical role in a child’s development are not covered by basic labor laws. This means the minimum wage, worker’s compensation, and collective bargaining does not apply to dedicated providers. It’s time family child care providers are recognized and have their right to collectively bargain with the State of California. Will you support Early Childcare Providers and sign our petition?

Without the right to collectively bargain, there is high turnover in the profession hurting child care providers’ ability to raise their own families, support the parents in their communities that rely on their work, and ultimately adversely impact the children they serve.

This is why family child care providers need to collectively bargain and unionize is essential. We know a union is the only way to fight poverty, improve quality of care, improve education, and achieve better working conditions. Sign our petition and let decision makers, like California’s upcoming governor, know that providers are not alone in their fight to improve their lives or the lives of the children and families they serve.

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