Members approve new agreement with LACOE

SEIU Local 99 members at  LACOE ratified a new agreement with the Office for our 2016-2017 reopener negotiations. Read a summary of the agreement below or Click here for the full text .

Summary Agreement:
Los Angeles County Office of Education and SEIU Local 99

This is a summary of the negotiated changes to our collective bargaining agreement for the 2016-2017 reopeners. The only sections of our contract that were modified in these limited reopener negotiations were: Article IX – COMPENSATION; Article X – TRANSFER PROCEDURE; Article XI – SAFETY; and, Appendix J – ROSE AGREEMENT ON ARTICLE VIII. This Tentative Agreement (TA), is subject to ratification by the union membership. Sections of the full contract not listed below will remain as is.
ARTICLE IX – COMPENSATION: Salary increase = +.75% off-schedule, one-time payment for 2016-2017; “me-too” in case another unit gets an on-schedule salary increase or larger off-schedule bonus for 2016-2017; increase 15+ year longevity stipend from $1,000 to $1,200.

ARTICLE X – TRANSFER PROCEDURES: New language requires that all members with transfer requests will be considered for voluntary transfers to vacancies prior to considering eligibility lists; seniority will now have equal priority with other factors when considering voluntary transfer requests; unit members will be eligible to exchange work locations.

ARTICLE XI – SAFETY: Adds express prohibition of abusive conduct in the workplace (“bullying”), including definition of bullying and procedures for handling bullying complaints.

APPENDIX J – ROSE AGREEMENT: Updates process to modify performance evaluation process and related forms, including authorization for a pilot in 2017-2018.

The full text of the Tentative Agreement is available here.



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