AB 676: two hours of prevention will help us avoid injuries

We have one of the most difficult and demanding jobs: caring for children. Child care providers have injury rates nearly double those of the general working population. And when we’re injured, we lose days of work without paid sick days. We don’t have access to workers’ compensation benefits. Some providers have been forced to close our doors indefinitely.

The high risk of injury, along with exposure to strong cleaning supplies, infectious illness and high job stress has led child care workers to call for the Child Care Stability and Health Safety Act (AB 676) » http://bit.ly/2nhfMdK.  AB 676 will equip child care providers with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to prevent serious injuries and keep us healthy and on the job.

This legislation will:

  • Ensure that child care workers receive training on occupational safety and health by learning from child care peers on how to improve our own health and safety, also benefiting children in our care.
  • Provide free, one-time, mandatory two-hour training on occupational safety and health risks specific to the child care profession. This training will provide information on how to identify and avoid risks from toxic chemicals, illness, stress and physical hazards.
  • Providers would complete this training within four years of when it is first offered.
  • Will also help satisfy the 105 hours of professional growth activities for those who hold Child Development Permits, necessary to renew permits.

Child care is our calling. And we must ensure that we can continue to provide high quality care for the families we serve by being able to care for ourselves. Getting this legislation signed into law can only happen if all of us come together and speak up for the important work that we do. Many of us have already reached out to legislative decision makers. Look for more opportunities to get involved here on our website and in our union’s emails as we move this legislation through and get it on the Governor’s desk.


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