Is Your Work Site 100% Union?

Did you know that employees at work sites with high union membership experience fewer problems with managers and supervisors? Problems get resolved quickly or they just don’t happen because it is our unity that keeps the bosses in check.

Why is unity also important? When it comes time to negotiate our contract, the District knows exactly how many of us are union members. The less unified we are, the less leverage we have at the bargaining table, the less leverage we have at the bargaining table, the less we win in wages, benefits, and other things. It’s that simple.

Tens of thousands of education workers are already SEIU Local 99 Union Members. But some are Agency Fee Payers. That means they don’t have a full voice to vote on contracts, be a part of bargaining teams or enjoy all of the benefits of membership. You can be sure you’re a Union Member – and not just an Agency Fee Payer – by joining SEIU Local 99 .

As of March 2016, 426 of all school or work sites represented by SEIU Local 99 are 100% union! That means everyone at the school or work site is a Local 99 member. And another 200+ are nearly there! That’s a great start as we show the District that we’re UNION STRONG!


100% Union Schools

Compton Unified School District

Bunche Elementary
Bunche Middle School
Chavez/Tubman Alternative School
Clinton Elementary
Compton High School
Davis Middle School
Dominguez High School
Enterprise Middle School
Foster Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Kelly Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
King Elementary
Mayo Elementary
McKinley Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Middle School
Rosecrans Elementary
Tibby Elementary
Vanguard Learning Center
Walton Middle School
Whaley Middle School

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

Amar Children’S Center
Baldwin Academy
Bixby Elementary
Cedarlane Middle
Del Valle Elementary
Dibble Adult
District Office
Fairgrove Academy
Grandview College Preparatory
Grazide Elementary
Instructional Services Center
Kwis Elementary
La Puente High
Los Altos High
Los Molinos Elementary
Los Robles Academy
Maintenance Yard
Mesa Robles
Nelson Elementary
Newton Middle
Operations Yard
Orange Grove Middle
Palm Elementary
Sierra Vista Middle
Sparks Elementary
Sparks Middle
Sunset Elementary And Orthopedic Handicapped
Temple Academy
Valinda Elementary
Valley Alternative High School
Willow Adult School
Wilson High School
Wing Lane Elementary
Workman Elementary
Workman High

LA Community Colleges

LA Harbor College
LA Mission College
LA Southwest College

Los Angeles County Office of Education

ABD – Budget Section
ABD – General Accounting
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Programs
Avalon PAU
Barry J Nidorf PAU
Buena Vista PAU
Business Advisory Services
C-Ed Program Fiscal Support
Chatsworth (GAIN)
Christa McAuliffe PAU (Challenger)
Cis-Curr & Inst Services
Cis-Dist Learning Center
Controller’s Office – Procurement Services
C-Pupil Attendance
Division of Business Operations – Administration
Division of Business Operations – Contracts
Division of Business Operations – Inventory
Division of Business Operations – Procurement Services
Division of Business Operations – Purchasing
Division of Business Operations – Transp & Fac Planning
Division of Business Operations – Warehouse
Downey Center – FYS
Downey Headquarters
Early Intervention Office – PAU
East LA – GAIN
Eastern PAU
El Camino I
El Monte (GAIN)
Fairvalley PAU
Gonzales Camp
Government Relations
Grants Development
HR – Beginning Teacher Support (BTSA)
HR – Employment Assistance Services for Education (EASE)
HR – Human Resource Services
Imperial PAU
Internal Audit & Analysis
Kirby Center Camp – Central PAU
Lancaster (GAIN)
Larson West PAU
Los Padrinos PAU
Mendenhall Camp – SC Mtns PAU
Mid-Cities Selpa Office
Miller Camp-Sm Mtns PAU
Munz Camp
North High School
Old Warren Lane At – Swisp
Palmdale (GAIN)
Pasadena Job Club (G-GAIN)
PCS – Williams Project
Renaissance PAU
Rockey Camp
Scott Camp – SC Mtns PAU
Scudder Camp
School Financial Services – AD&F Accounting
School Financial Services – AD&F Admin
School Financial Services – AD&F Commrcl Clm
School Financial Services – AD&F Fin Sys
School Financial Services – AD&F Mail
School Financial Services – Administration
School Financial Services – DPIS Certif
School Financial Services – DPIS Hrs Emp Svc
School Financial Services – DPIS Payroll
School Financial Services – DPIS Ret-Pers
School Financial Services – DPIS Ret-Strs
School Financial Services – Retirement
South Central (G-GAIN)
Southwest Special (G-GAIN)
SSS – Child Welfare & Attendance (CWA)
SSS – Community Health & Safe Schools
Southwest Speech
Transition/Special Needs Unit
Technology Services – Finance & Admin

Los Angeles Unified School District

102nd Street Early Education Center
107th Street Cal State Preschool Program
107th Street Elementary
112th Street Early Education Center
112th Street Elementary
135th St Elementary
153rd St Elementary
186th Street CSPP
24th Street Early Education Center
28th Street Early Education Center
36th Street Early Education Center
37th Street Early Education Center
42nd St Elementary
4th St Primary Center
52nd St Early Education Center
66th Street Early Education Center
97th Street Early Education Center
Addams High School
Aggeler High School
Albert Einstein Continuation High School
Albion St Early Education Center
Alexandria Ave Early Education Center
Allesandro SPS
Anatola Elementary
Arminta St Early Education Center
Arminta St Elementary
Arts Instr Program
Assistive Tech/Augm Com-S
Augustus Hawkins High School Campus
Avalon High School
Bakewell Primary Center
Bancroft Performing Arts Magnet
Barret State Preschool
Beachy CSPP
Belmont Cas – AEWC
Belmont High School Campus
Bernstein High School Campus
STEM Academy of Boyle Heights
Braddock CSPP
Bradley Early Education Center
Broadous H Early Education Center
Brooklyn Ave Early Education Center
Budlong Elementary
Burbank State Preschool
Bushnell Way Elementary
Cabrillo Ave Early Education Center
Calabash Elementary
Cardenas Elementary CSPP
Castelar Early Education Center
CDS Johnson
CDS London
CDS West Hollywood
Central Adult – AEWC
Cheviot Hills High School
Cimarron Elementary
City Of Angels School
Cleveland Infant Center
Clifford Elementary
Crenshaw High School
Dacotah St Early Education Center
Dayton Heights Early Education Center
Dist Nursing Serv
Dodson Gifted/High Ability Magnet
Dolores St Early Education Center
Dropout Prevention & Recovery Prgm
Earhart High School
Edison Elementary
El Dorado Elementary
El Sereno Early Education Center
East Los Angeles Occupational Center – AEWC
East Los Angeles Skills Center
Ellington High School
Elysian Heights Elementary
Estrella Early Education Center
Evergreen Ave Early Education Center
Federal And State Program Branch
Fernangeles SPS
Food Services Division
Frost Middle School Computer, Math, and Science Magnet
Fort MacArthur Marine Mammal Care Center
Fullbright CSPP
Fullbright Elementary
Fulton College Preparatory
Gardena CAS – AEWC
Gates St State Preschool
Gates Street Early Education Center
Gault Elementary CSPP
Gledhill Street Early Education Center
Glen Alta Elementary
Glenfeliz Blvd Early Education Center
Graham Early Education Center
Grant Early Education Center
Grant Elementary
Grape Elementary
Gratts Early Education Center
Gratts Learning Academy for Young Scholars
Grey High School
Griffith Math & Science Magnet
Haddon Elementary CSPP
Hamasaki SPS
Hamilton Academy of Music Magnet
Hart Elementary CSPP
Harvard Elementary School
Haskell Math & Science Magnet
Highland Park High School
Hollenbeck Middle School Math Magnet
Holmes Avenue Early Education Center
Holmes CSPP
Holmes Int Human Mag
Hope High School
HR-Certified Workforce Management & Qualifications
Hughes Elementary PKFLP
Hyde Park Blvd Early Education Center
Independence High School
Kennedy-San Fernando Community Adult School
Kentwood Elem SPS
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
King Middle School Environmental Studies Magnet
Korenstein Elementary CSPP
La Teacher Prep Academy
Laurel Early Education Center
Lawrence Middle School G/Hg/Ha
Legacy High School
Lemay Street Early Education Center
Lexington Pc CSPP
Locke Early Education Center
Locke Infant
Logan Early Education Center
London High School
Lorne Math & Science Mag
Los Angeles Tech Center
M&O HQ Force Acct
M&O Projects Unit North
Maple SPS
Marina Early Education Center
Mariposa-Nabi Primary Center
Mayberry Elementary
McAlister High School – CYESIS
McKinley Elementary
Mental Health Services
Middle College High School
Middleton Primary Center
Middleton Primary Center – CSPP
Mikes Early Education Center
Miles Math, Science and Technology Magnet
Monlux Math & Science Magnet
Mountain View Elementary
Mt. Lukens High School
Multnomah Environmental Science Magnet
Narbonne Math & Science Magnet
Nestle Elementary
North Valley Occupational Center – AEWC
Nobel Math & Science Magnet
Noble Avenue Early Education Center
Normandie Early Education Center
Normont Early Education Center
Northridge Early Education Center
Occupuational & Physical Therapy Unit
Odyssey High School
Office Of Curriculum Instruction And School Support
O’Melveny Elementary CSPP
Operations South 1 Fa
Pacoima Early Education Center
Parks Huerta Early Education Center
Patton High School
Pinewood Ave Early Education Center
Pinewood Elementary SPS
Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center
Policies/MCD Monitoring & Data
Porter Gifted/High Ability Magnet
Portola Highly Gifted Magnet
Professional Learning And Leadership Development
Purche Elementary
Related Services/Dis-Cent Of
Riley High School – CYESIS
Rogers High School
Roosevelt High School Campus
Roosevelt High School Esp
Rosemont Elementary
Russell State Preschool
San Fernando Elementary
SCC M&O District 3 Facilities
School Police Department
Sellery Special Education Center
Selma Elementary
Sierra Park Elementary School Pkfl
South Region High School #2 Campus
Special Education Service Center Operations
Stagg St State Preschool
Stevenson Gifted/High Ability Mag
Sun Valley Magnet
Sunland State Preschool
Sylmar Promise Academy
Teacher Growth And Development
Telfair Early Education Center
Temple Administrative Off
Thoreau High School
Torres High School Campus
Translations Unit
Trinity Street Early Education Center
Union CSPP
Valley View Elementary
Van Ness Elementary
Van Nuys Math & Science Middle School Magnet
Vanalden Ave Early Education Center
Vaughn Early Education Center
View Park Contn High School
Vista Del Valle Dual Language Academy
Wadsworth Ave Early Education Center
Weigand Ave SPS
Welby Way Gifted/High Ability Magnet
Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet
West Athens Elementary CSPP
Westchester Shared Campus
Westminster Early Education Center
Wilmington Park Early Education Center
Wilshire Crest Elementary
Wooden High School

Lynwood Unified School District

Abbott Elementary
Adult Education
Business Services
Centennial High School
Cesar Chavez Middle School
Child Development
Child Nutrition
Firebaugh High School
Food Services
Helen Keller
Hosler Middle School
Lincoln Elementary
Lindbergh Cafeteria
Lindbergh Elementary
Lugo Cafeteria
Lugo Elementary
Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
Mark Twain Elementary
Marshall Elementary School
Purchasing & Stores
Roosevelt Elementary
Rosa Parks (Agnes) Elementary
Rosa Parks Cafeteria
Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Vista Continuation
Washington Cafeteria
Will Rogers Elementary
Wilson Elementary

Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District

Adult Education
Child Development Services – Edison
Child Development Services – ITC-Samohi
Child Development Services – Lincoln Teen Center
Child Development Services – Roosevelt
Child Development Services – Sapid-Samohi
Educational Services
Facility Improvement Project
Facility Permits/Theater Operations
Food Services – District Office
Food Services – Adams
Food Services – Cabrillo
Food Services – Edison
Food Services – Franklin
Food Services – Grant
Food Services – Lincoln
Food Services – Malibu Park
Food Services – McKinley
Food Services – Muir
Food Services – Point Dume
Food Services – Rogers
Food Services – Roosevelt
Food Services – Samohi
Food Services – Webster
Franklin High School
Human Resources
Olympic High School
Personnel Commission
Point Dume Elementary
Purchasing/Warehouse Services
State And Federal Projects
Student Services

The Accelerated School

Wallis Annenberg High School

Torrance Unified School District

Children’s Center
Fern Elementary
Fiscal Services
Information Technology
Jefferson Middle School
Launch Preschool
Lynn Middle School
Madrona Middle School
Material Supp Serv/Wharehouse
Richardson Middle School
Seaside Elementary
Shery Continuation High School
Victor Elementary
Walteria Elementary
Wood Elementary

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