Early Ed Apprenticeship Program turns 1½!


Leticia Zuniga headshot“I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for this program. I’ve worked at MAOF for 26 years, and finally I’ve applied for my Associate Teacher permit and I’m just one class away from my Teacher permit. In the past, I was able to study for a while, but it was just too much. I had to work two jobs to afford school. And I had my youngest at home. This program—and the encouraging push from my union—made this possible.” —Leticia Zuniga, Assistant Teacher


Evelyn Perez headshot“I’ve always worked hard on my education. With the help of my union’s Early Educator Apprenticeship Program, I recently earned my Associate Teacher Permit and just accepted a new position as an Associate Teacher. This is very important to me and I plan to continue my studies to get my A.A. and my teacher’s permit.” —Evelyn Perez, Associate Teacher


Sandra Batres headshot“I am really excited and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the FCC Apprenticeship that my Union and CCRC have established. I am taking college courses and receiving mentorship that is helping me provide high quality care and education to the children.” —Sandra Batres, a Child Care Provider from North Hollywood


Zeyda headshot“I wish I’d had access to a program like this when I was earning my Child Development degree. Then it might not have taken me so long. It took eight years to get my B.A. I’ve been in this field for 20 years now and I’ve never heard of a program like this before.”  —Zeyda Loera, a Mentor in the Early Educator Apprenticeship Program


Randi Wolfe headshot“Professional development requirements for early educators have been rising significantly over the past several years. This apprenticeship model provides them with a way to meet this pressing challenge. The content and structure of the apprenticeships are aligned with existing systems of professional development and represent a unique blending of academic opportunities using the well-established apprenticeship model.” —Apprenticeship Project Director Randi Wolfe


It’s not just the guys in hardhats with wrenches and hammers who have access to Apprenticeship Programs. We do, too. And there’s a lot to celebrate lately!

Our groundbreaking Apprenticeship Program for center-based early educators and family child care providers has hit some MAJOR MILESTONES!

In early 2016—in partnership with L.A. Trade Tech and Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF)—we launched a program patterned after the old building trades model—like when a plumber apprentice earns more money as s/he learns a new set of skills. Dozens have participated and many have already celebrated earning new child development permits and becoming eligible for promotion at their workplaces.

The following year, we expanded the program to include Family Child Care Providers in the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys, with apprentices well on their way to earning wage supplements as they obtain new permits. The Family Child Care Apprenticeship Program is offered in partnership with Child Care Resource Center (CCRC).

Apprentices in both programs receive FREE on-the-job training, FREE mentoring and FREE college courses (scheduled to fit with our work schedules) that lead to our next Child Development Permit (TAs become Associate Teachers; Assoc. Teachers become Teachers).

Interested in becoming an Apprentice?

Center-based Early Educators click here.
Family Child Care Providers click here.

Here are some exciting updates:

  • On April 26, 2017, the first cohort of MAOF apprentices to complete their training held an event at the MAOF offices in Commerce. They used this celebration to complete applications for their new permits as they reach the next level in their careers. This was a great night! So many of us have struggled too long with low wages and high academic requirements in our field. Check out photos from our event!
  • On June 13, 2017, we held an end-of-semester celebration for San Fernando Valley child care providers. Check out some photos from this event!
  • We’ll have a similar celebration for Antelope Valley providers on July 26, 2017.
  • So far, 37 MAOF early educators have participated, with 15 graduates and 22 continuing their apprenticeships.
  • In the Family Child Care program, there are 27 apprentices in the San Fernando Valley and another 27 in Antelope Valley.
  • New courses begin this summer for both MAOF employees and providers working with CCRC!

SEIU’s goal is to expand this pilot program to ALL union early educators and bring more highly trained early educators into the industry, raising quality without placing an additional financial burden on parents or early educators.







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